Entrepreneur Exhibits

Listed below are the entrepreneurs and supporting organizations that will have displays at ACE '11. Technology-focused, high-growth potential entrepreneurial companies wishing to be an ACE '11 Exhibitor (and have the possibility of participating in the Elevator Pitch Competition), should apply here.

Entrepreneur Exhibitors:

3D Biomatrix, LLC Providing innovative three-dimensional (3D) cell culture solutions for the reproduction of human tissues. Our products, 3D matrices and 384-well plate Hanging Drop Arrays, are more physiologically relevant than traditional 2D cell cultures.
401 Systems, LLC What comes after Lean Health-Care and Electronic Medical Records? We’re developing H-CAPS: Health-Care Advanced Planning and Scheduling software to improve patient flow across departments, staff satisfaction and hospital financial performance.
AquaBioChip AquaBioChip offers complete solutions for inexpensive and high throughput DNA diagnostics including: instruments, kits/reagents, consumables, accessories, and software.
Bandals International, Inc. Bandals is a wholesaler of high margin women's footwear featuring interchangeable bands or straps. Bandals has sold over 40,000 pairs of shoes and 90,000 pairs of bands to date in the US, UK, Australia, Canada, the Philippines, and Middle East.
Bloomfire A web platform where anyone can start a Bloomfire – a website specifically geared for the easy sharing of knowledge and the conversations that surround it. It’s like your very own version of YouTube+Ning+Facebook.
Channel1USA LLC Channel1USA.com a network of online web portals in US cities providing local news, classifieds, obituaries, and a "state of the art" business & residential directory. These sites allow local advertisers to effectively & affordably reach their customers.
Clean Energy Innovations CEI software interacts with rechargeable batteries to lower battery resistance. More energy is extracted per charge creating longer operating life per charge or reduced battery size to get an equivalent charge.
Current Motor Co. Current Motor has developed the best value all electric motor scooter filling an unmet need for practical, affordable, zero-emission electric vehicles.
FireXonline, LLC Producing 'Ongard', the first automatic, universal fire suppression product designed to eliminate or minimize fires in both residential and commercial clothes dryers and ducts.
GPX Software, LLC Xambrosius, is a wizard-aided, data mining, SaaS based, 5-year Pro Forma statement & assumption table Tool. Providing a suite of stress-testing tools, Xambrosius also enables Pro Forma reviews that improve strategic decisions & help due diligence review.
Grab-A-Cane The company has developed a one-handed dual use cane that provides stability while picking-up dropped items or retrieving products from a shelf.
H&T; Medical Solutions, LLC MentalNote provides easy-to-use and affordable electronic documentation software to speed up the time-consuming aspects of modern psychiatric care and to assist with compliance issues.
Infinite Corridor Technology Providing flexible and stretchable electronic circuit boards that will replace existing rigid, flat boards and enable revolutionary new product designs
InPore Technologies Silapore (TM) particles provide a high level of flame retardancy to plastics for electronics, construction, automotive, military and fabric applications.
Inventure Enterprises critical national infrastructure and resources by securing and raising standards of workforce screening and background checks processes for Government and private sectors.
Ix Innovations Ix Innovations is developing the next generation of very low power test & measurement instrumentation for use in the fast growing fields of microelectronics, nanotechnology, optoelectronics, energy harvesting, and portable medical equipment.
KnowledgeWatch KnowledgeWatch provides a Web solution for professional organizations and enterprises that tracks and harvests multiple information sources to deliver one page, custom, intuitive, real-time news digests for knowledge workers and decision makers.
LeadNuke LeadNuke is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) application that generates qualified business-to-business (B2B) sales leads by monitoring online conversations and alerting businesses when someone is experiencing the pain that business solves.
Local Orbit Local Orbit is an online marketplace that makes it easy for local farmers to connect with buyers. We are a web-based ordering and community-building tool, combining the best features of farmers markets and full-service grocery stores.
mymentalspace.com Mymentalspace.com is a free online tool that allows people to self-monitor their Internet behaviors and help prevent Internet addiction, aka Techno-Brain-Burnout.
NamesforLife, LLC Developing technical terminology management and on-the-fly persistent linkage into publishers content using both browser and and browser independent methods.
NeuronMicro Accute ischemic stroke treatment platform
Peoplemovers.com Social media network for people and organizations to connect, share and work together to build stronger communities.
Reveal Design Automation Reveal is an early-stage technology spin-out from the University of Michigan that designs and sells an automated software solution for performing scalable and comprehensive verification of digital logic designs to chip design firms.
Selestial Soap LLC 100% natural liquid laundry detergent and other laundry products
Stratos Aircraft Developing a new Personal Jet with breakthrough speed, range, and luxury: • 4/5 people comfortably, 1,500 NM, at over 400 knots cruise • $1.41 - $1.19 / mile direct operating cost • Carbon composite construction • Single pilot certified
Terra-Telesis, Inc Innovative low profile wind collection device specifically designed for use at airfields.
TSRL, Inc. Developing oral prodrugs for a number of highly potent antiviral therapeutics, initially for the treatment of the flu.
ULTrA Technologies Developing a home-based training product which will improve arm and hand function in stroke, cerebral palsy and Parkinsons Disease. The ULTrA product remotely monitors changes in function using the Internet and can be tailored to meet individual needs.
Verify Valid LLC Providing a solution to eliminate check and payment fraud. Payment fraud is estimated to have a total economic impact in excess of $20B per year in the US alone and fraud attempts are growing at 25% per year according to the ABA.
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